Take a deep breath. This may seem like a lot. In the long run, it's necessary for you and the kids.

Review the list in the order below. Everything won't apply to you and that's ok. It's there for that other dad out there that it does apply to.

AGAIN, get everything completed as soon as possible so you can start your new life!

Divorce Documents

  1. Keep a copy of your divorce order electronically. I keep mine on Google Drive.
  2. Do what you were told in the divorce order. 
  3. Finish dividing up all property.

Child support & Alimony

  1. Figure out when the first payment starts.
  2. Set it up an automatic transfer. This makes life easier in the long run.
  3. Pay all support when it's due.

Credit Cards

  1.  Take your name (or your ex's) off any credit cards that are no longer yours.
  2. Update your address.
  3. Make sure all credit cards can only be used by you.
  4. If you don't have credit, apply for some. 


  1. If you're getting the joint bank account, take your ex off of it. Note, if you can keep accounts, do so. This will help your credit. For example, I opened new accounts as a precaution and it has affected my credit score because my accounts aren't that old.
  2. Update your checks by changing the address or removing names.
  3. Make sure all debit cards can only be used by you.
  4. Update your address.


  1. Update your car insurance and add or remove someone.
  2. Change any titles on any cars you have.
  3. Get a new driver's license with your new address on it. Get a license with a RealId if you fly.


  1. Change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy.
  2. Update your health insurance. You should be able to update it mid-year with a divorce order. 


  1. File a quitclaim deed to transfer the title if needed. Here is a Quit Claim Deed.
  2. Take your ex off of your Lease or Mortgage.

Retirement benefits

  1. File a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) if necessary. I just called my retirement company, they helped me do it for free


giving to your kids

  1. Write a new will. Here is a Will.
  2. Change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy.

Going forward

  1. Live a little simpler. Find ways to cut costs.
  2. Stay on your scheduled visitation times with your children.
  3. Think about an announcement. Maybe post it on social media. If anything, change your relationship status.
  4. If you change jobs, tell your new employer of any court-ordered support, if required for support.