I’ve found there are a lot of popular child support calculators out there and they all return varying results. So, which one do you trust? I started to get aggravated because I was getting different results and the sites didn't always seem legit.

I dug around the internet for a while and I found out there are a lot of state-supported or recommended child support calculators. If anyone would have an accurate worksheet, it would be them.

In fact, you will also find there are a lot of states that have free government help websites specifically for divorce. The truth is the state court systems are probably overwhelmed and they need some type of online help. I spoke to a clerk and they stated that everyone who calls the office, they are guided to the free legal aid website just for divorce.

So, not only will you find out how much child support costs and you could find out how to file online with the state!

Note, that all of the child support calculators may produce different results per state. Not all states calculate it the same.

On a general note (I'm not an attorney) the most common way to calculate support is to take the gross monthly income, the number of children, and run the calculation.

Note, there are things that can help you reduce your child support too. For example, if you're paying for insurance, that can help reduce your monthly child support payment.