This is a high-level list of how to file for a divorce. I'm still working on it.

  1. Agree on custody
    1. Shared
    2. Joint
    3. None
  2. Parenting Plan 
  3. Marriage Separation Agreement
  4. Complete the separation agreement
  5. Sign and send in
  6. Discuss and finalize distribution of property
  7. Complete the financial asset worksheet
  8. Agree on child support and alimony
  9. Complete the divorce order
  10. Decide whether you agree on the divorce terms and make adjustments as necessary
  11. Notarize and sign and send in
  12. Divorce Worksheet
  13. Divorce Settlement Agreement
  14. Affidavit of Consent
  15. Financial Affidavit
  16. Monthly Budget Before
  17. Monthly Budget After
  18. Child Visitation Letter
  19. Power of attorney for child
  20. Child Care Authorization
  21. Consent for medical treatment of a minor
  22. Change of Address Letter
  23. Divorce Records Request Letter
  24. Demand for alimony payment
  25. Affidavit of consent
  26. Codicil your will
  27. Revocation of Power of Attorney
  28. Last Will and Testament
  29. Health care power of attorney – revocation
  30. Living trust – revocation

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