Below is almost everything you need to know about Texas child support. If you're looking for an overview of child support and answers to many questions. Texas does have its own divorce website which is very valuable.

Here are a couple of topics covered:

  • How child support works
  • Paying and receiving child support
  • Paternity questions
  • Employer question
  • Getting back on track

Here is the best place for an overview of child support.

Child Support Calculator

Here is the Child Support Calculator for Texas

In Texas, you can also pay for your child support online. I'm from a different state and we have the option to either pay through the state or pay on our own. Me, I have an automatic withdrawal come out of my bank account every month. It makes it a lot easier than writing a check.

Questions from Texas Dads

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  • Has anyone in Texas gone through the child support negotiation process?
  • Has anyone worked with the Texas CPS?
  • Anyone in Texas that has won custody of their kid or kids? If so, how did you do it?
  • Does anyone in Texas have experience with ex filing with the attorney general for review of child support?
  • How hard would it be for me to change the baby's last name?
  • What about the property?
  • If I'm a dad am I entitled to child support?
  • Has anyone had issues with their divorce in Texas?
  • When the ex gets her part of my pension, does SHE pay taxes and show her part as income? Or is it on ME?
  • Is there a common law marriage?
  • Does anyone have experience with a military Texas divorce?
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If you're looking for information from another state, check out our full listing of calculators.